Move To Learn: Brain Gym For Teachers, Parents & Students

Are you, your children or your pupils struggling, stressed, lacking focus or overwhelmed? Is self-regulation difficult? Brain Gym® offers movement activities that can address these challenges.

Did you know that movement opens the door to learning? Join Dana Luebke on Zoom and learn fun movements that stimulate right and left-brain activity and connection, and facilitate learning with the whole brain–body system.

This new course developed by Lisa Marcovici and Dana Luebke supports both classroom and online learning. Participants receive an 88 page colour coded manual to make it easy to continue using the techniques.

May 11, 13, 15 and 16  from 16:30 MT / 18:30 ET until 18:30 MST / 20:30 EST each day

Investment of $150 includes PDF manual, class materials and GST.

To register contact:

Topics and activities covered include:

  • What does it mean and feel like to be ready to learn.
  • How to “warm up” our brain
  • Activities that help us to focus and concentrate with ease
  • Activities that help us to organize and remember
  • Building the developmental steps to facilitate right and left sides of the brain working together
  • Physical skills for reading to help us decode, encode and easily move our eyes across a page or screen
  • Physical skills for listening, spelling and math
  • Physical skills for writing and fine motor activities, as well as playing an instrument, drawing, etc.

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